Sharon on HEC

Sharon Aach is a mixed media glass artist who uses her professional background in science and her love of nature in her work. She paints in reverse behind glass panels, and the finished product is unique and vibrant. Listen to her share her story about how she creates and customizes each piece of her glass artwork. Click below to watch the video of Sharon featured on HEC Media's "Meet the Artists".


Sharon’s style of
back-painted glass art  

One of the interesting things about Sharon’s style of back-painted glass art is that she doesn’t turn the glass over to see how her painting looks until she is finished. She says that it’s very exciting for her when she turns the glass over to see how the art looks. Every piece is unique.

Hear Sharon talk about her process and see some of her work on FOX2 in St. Louis, MO.

 St. Elizabeth’s Hospital

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital hosted its first inaugural “Rotating Art Exhibit” in November 2019. At this exhibit, they showcased the mixed media artwork of Sharon Aach. Read more about the art exhibit here:

Sharon is also featured as a past art exhibitor on the St. Elizabeth’s Hospital website. Sharon has five works of art permanently on display throughout St. Elizabeth Hospital.


Featured artist on

Sharon is a featured artist on “I have been an artist since the moment I was born. Over the years I have drawn, painted, cooked, sewn, knitted, beaded, sculpted…. having studied and worked in all different areas, I am always drawn back to painting mixed media.” See more of her story.


Keep up with Sharon to see where her mixed-media glass artwork will be featured. Follow Sharon on social media and check back here at for updates!