About the Back Painted Glass

Artist Sharon Aach uses a unique style when painting on glass. She starts with a vibrant style and infuses it into what is called “reverse glass painting” or “back-painted glass”. Back-painted glass is any transparent glass sheet that’s been tinted or colored on one side—the back side. This style of art originated during the Middle Ages for religious paintings and was popularized in Italy during the Renaissance. It saw increased popularity in Central European folk art and iconography during the 19th century.

Back-Painted Glass

Today, back-painted glass is often used in architecture and custom art projects. The prepared, unique type of glass can be painted in a variety of colors to create the desired effect and coordinate with other design elements. This glass artwork is easy to clean and maintain. Using glass is considered a great alternative to materials such as tile, marble, and laminate. But what makes back-painted glass art stand out is that each piece is handmade, which creates a one-of-a-kind addition to your home, office, or any private or public space.

Why Painted Glass?

Unique and Eye-Catching When it comes to producing unique, eye-catching artwork, using glass as the surface material adds great versatility to the final product. Artist Sharon Aach uses tempered glass to make her designs suitable for indoor display. The painted glass is then treated with an epoxy. This preserves and protects her hard work and ensures greater longevity for the piece. The glass not only provides depth and dimension, but also appears to glow when illuminated. Letters and images are painted in mirror image, so they are correct when viewed from the front side. Details are painted first rather than last as in an ordinary traditional painting. All details must be accurate. There is no room for error because corrections cannot be made without destroying all previous layers of work.
Working with glass as her canvas is very exciting for Sharon.
“There is always an anticipated moment of surprise when the finished painting is turned over and viewed from the front. To me, it is sort of magical and like opening a present. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes not!”
All of Sharon’s paintings on glass are original and 100% handmade. It is impossible for her to replicate a piece, so no two pieces are ever exactly the same. Each original artwork is numbered and hand-signed. You truly have a timeless “one-of-a-kind” piece when you purchase a mixed media glass painting from SaachArt.