Glass Art

Artist Sharon Aach creates unique pieces of colorful glass art that lights up any home, corporate, or public space. Her style of art is reversed painting behind glass panels. Each piece is custom—so no two are ever exactly alike. Sharon is an independent, self-taught artist. She defines her artwork style as organic, genuine, and pure. Now retired from her 25-year medical career in anesthesia, her role as an artist has come full circle from a hobby to now a lifestyle.

“Art is the very essence of my inner self; I live it and breathe it.”

Glass Art

Art has always been a hobby of Sharon’s. As a child, she delighted in moments with her sketchbooks and pencils, where she used them as her tools for drawing the plants, animals, and landscapes on her family farm in rural Illinois. Those curious observations began her creative journey. Sharon infuses the aspects, shapes, colors, and textures of nature into her paintings.

“To this day, I continue to be in awe of and inspired by the powerful mechanisms and cycles of nature. Nature is inherently optimistic and resilient in its intricate patterns.”

-Sharon Aach

Art = Happiness

Art creation equates to a life of happiness for Sharon. She approaches life similarly to how she approaches her glass art.

“I’m always searching for the hidden beauty that lies beneath. I strive to be transparent and be what I am, not what I am not.”

Sharon said that this desire for transparency is why she choose to paint behind glass.

“I delight in making art that radiates positivity, I hope to not only connect with individuals, but also to inspire one to seek purpose, look below the surface, explore possibilities, and find the hidden truth.”

-Sharon Aach

Reverse Glass Painting

Throughout her life, Sharon has designed with a variety of mediums ranging from clay, metal, beading, sewing, and painting.

“I am drawn to the magical technique of reverse glass painting. My art allows my emotions to spill out onto the glass as a release.”

Though uncertain where her art journey will take her, Sharon views it as a fantastic, exciting adventure and opportunity. Sharon says that painting is constant movement and reflects constant change.

“Like life, my work is an ever-changing process of discovery and connection, always evolving to meet the demands of inevitable change.”

Feelings of Joy, Light, and Peace

Sharon hopes that each piece of her glass art will convey feelings of joy, light, and peace.

“I wish for my art to shape new pathways of connection and discovery in the beholder. I hope to encourage the beholder to look through the surface, explore possibilities, and search for a deeper meaning.”