Hanging Your Mixed Media Glass Art

Once you’ve decided to purchase a mixed media back-painted glass artwork from SaachArt, you will want to determine where and how you want to display your one-of-a-kind piece for all to see! If you are handy with tools, SaachArt sells stand-offs or background pieces to hold and hang your art. If you do not wish to install the art yourself, you can have your glass artwork hung by one of Sharon Aach’s recommended professional installers.

Professional Installation

SaachArt works with professional installers who can come to your home, office, or public space to precisely hang your glass panel art for display. Please contact us for professional installation of your SaachArt glass painting, and we will be in touch with a recommendation.

Do It Yourself

SaachArt sells several different frameless hardware products to secure your glass art on a wall for display. Depending upon the size of your piece and where the glass art will be hung, certain hardware options may be more appropriate. SaachArt Owner and Artist Sharon Aach will consult with you to determine which hardware is best to hang your glass art for a stunning visual display.

Popular Installation Options

glass art round standoffs

Round Metal Stand-Offs

This is our most popular option, and stand-offs are provided by default. These attractive round metal stand-offs project your art away from the wall and secure your piece.

glass art custom standoffs

Custom Metal Stand-Offs

Similar to Round standoffs, custom metal standoffs can be made in the shape and color you desire. They are attractive and hold your artwork securely. The only limit is your imagination.

glass art wood backing

Wood Backing Stand-Off

With this installation your glass art is mounted on a piece of wood that is smaller than the piece, which is then mounted to the wall with a french cleat to secure the piece.

glass art wood backing with metal background

Metal Background with Wood Back

Your artwork is placed on an attractive metal background to add visual interest and then backed with a piece of wood, which is mounted to the wall with a french cleat.

glass art metal background with custom standoffs

Metal background With Standoffs

The standoffs on top of the metal background allow for a depth between the background and the piece. The metal background can then be hung by a french cleat.

floating frame


The art piece is hung inside of a large frame that surrounds the piece. The art appears as if it is floating within the deep frame. The frame is hung on the wall with a french cleat.

Questions About Installation Options?