About SaachArt



Glass-Painted Artwork

SaachArt back-painted glass artworks are customized for each client’s needs. The one-of-a-kind, intriguing, and colorful glass art is perfect for many private and public spaces. SaachArt has been commissioned for many projects including:
• Healthcare and hospital artwork installations
• Pediatric Office artwork installations
• Dental Office artwork installations
• Corporate artwork installations
• Local business artwork installations
• Restaurant artwork installations
• Law firm artwork installations
• Residential interior design and artwork installations
• Artwork for private collections and spaces

Sharon will work with you to create that unique look for your public or private space. Contact SaachArt today to begin work on modernizing your space with unique and vibrant mixed media glass art! 

Artist Sharon Aach 

Mixed Media Glass Artist 

SaachArt Owner and Artist Sharon Aach is a modern mixed media artist. She has a passion for the art deco style mixed with geometric lines to create detail that is vibrant and exciting for anyone who sees the art.  From wall collages and round tabletops to large wall paintings, Sharon’s custom glass-painted pieces feature a wide array of colors including vibrant reds, yellows, blues, and greens. Perfect for dental, pediatric, and office suites, her unique glass-painted artwork can add personality and spirit to any room or space they occupy.  Read more about Sharon now. 


About the Art

SaachArt custom artwork features reverse-painted mixed media behind glass panels. Various glass and acrylic paints, inks, pigments, and resin are utilized and applied in a reverse-order technique using the glass as a canvas. Vivid colors and art deco patterns influenced by nature comprise the design. Each piece of glass art is custom made specifically for your needs, whether the space is residential, corporate, or public. Read more about the art and how it’s created.