Intriguing back-painted glass, original art, custom designs, wall decor, tabletops, and more!

Vibrant, customized reverse-painted glass art in various shapes and sizes. View our art gallery.

SaachArt provides consultations for custom glass art to enhance your residential interior design.

Artist Sharon Aach creates glass artwork for hospitals, businesses, and other public spaces.

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Back-painted glass sheets create unique wall art, tabletops, and countertops. The one-of-a-kind art is filled with vibrant colors that light up any room. Each piece is custom-made using high-quality materials and the touch of a true artist. You can enhance your office or home interior design with our intriguing and colorful functional art pieces.

Call or email SaachArt owner and artist Sharon Aach for design consultations and customized painted glass art for residential, commercial or public spaces.


Custom Glass Art

Perfect for any space, private or public

Custom art pieces are the best way to uniquely decorate your home or office. No two pieces are the same. Each original piece is crafted to complement your color palette and other décor. Sharon Aach is a modern mixed-media artist who produces custom pieces for residents in the St. Louis metro-area and beyond. Contact Sharon with your interior design needs, and she can help you to create a uniquely designed space that will capture the attention of all your guests.

Intriguing, unique glass art

Back-painted glass, a centuries-old technique brought back to life in a modern light.

Professional Installation

Saach Art can recommend a trusted source for professional installation, or you can do-it-yourself with our recommended hardware options.