Black and White; The HOPE Series

HOPE. A simple word and yet it can mean so much to anyone going through a difficult time. It can mean the difference between hanging on and giving up. It is the one word with no true definition. HOPE can mean anything you want it to mean.

Our hopes, though profoundly human, connect us with something much greater than ourselves. There is a life force that moves within us, as it does with all mankind and nature.  

What does “HOPE” mean to you? 

“I encourage you to seek the light, amidst the struggles and darkness that exist in everyday life. In darkness, you will find the promise of light. Where there is light, there is HOPE.” – Sharon Aach, Artist and Owner of SaachArt

HOPE, light amongst despair
going forth where no one dares
HOPE, beauty in sight
oppositions unite

-Sharon Aach